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We are Anna and Kate farming at Tan House Farm, a small farm in Herefordshire with native breed cattle, sheep, pigs and a flock of hens.

We don’t use pesticides, herbicides or artificial fertilisers because we respect and treasure the farm’s biodiversity, soil health and animals.

Everything on our farm has a role to play; from manure and thistles, to our one-eyed cat and vintage-but-still-in-use tractor.

After much thought, we are moving later this year to a farm in Wales where we can live on the land and continue our path into regenerative agriculture. In order to help fund this move, we are selling Tan House Farm and hope to find a like-minded new farmer. All our animals are coming with us!

Chemical farming just isn’t our thing.

Our Traditional Hereford Cattle and Shetland Sheep eat grass, hay and hedgerow snippets which means they are 100% pasture fed – no grain, soya, GMO or fast-growth feed.

Unlike the magical cow and sheep turning grass into protein, our laying hens need something extra in their diet to do their job. Our hens eat organic GMO-free feed, as well as being free to forage and roam in their field. And our pigs are slow-growing, free to rootle and eat acorns, eating only organic feed, GMO and medicine free.

Like a wine producer thinks of their ‘terroir’, the specific taste of the wine they produce because of the soil and climate, we think food from Tan House Farm is all about the specificity of place and directly related to our farming practice.

How To Order

Our beef and hogget tastes incredible, is nutrient-dense and has the ‘right’ fat because it’s slow-growing, 100% pasture-fed and no grain. Put simply, it’s better for your health and the health of our planet. Our pigs get something extra, they’re not able to make protein from just grass.

But we’re small, so it helps us to take orders for meat boxes before the animals are ready. That way, we manage our costs and can plan ahead. Visit our shop to order.

Become a Tan House Farmer

This year we’re planting more than 500 metres of new hedgerow and over 100 trees. Our investment means we’re doing something for future generations of Tan House Farmers. You can become a Tan House Farmer too by ‘buying’ your own hedgerow and tree. It’s like a subscription, helping us to invest in hedges and trees on a secure basis, a legacy for the long term. And once it’s in, you can come and see it too!

‘Know your food, know your farmers, know your kitchen.’

Joel Salatin
Welcome to Tan House Farm!