Everything has changed.

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And nothing has changed.

The farming cycle is the same, with calves due and the lambs growing by the day. The sheep are sheared, our bees are out and about, and the grass is growing. Growing very slowly because we really need rain, it’s a drought.

And we all know our worlds are never going to be same again since lockdown became the new normal.

Not a day has passed when we haven’t been grateful for our life, the open space of the farm and the purpose of growing good food.

We know how fortunate we are to build on the legacy of this truly special farm.

And as we all think through what the future might mean for us and what we’ll look like in it, we’ve decided that now, more than ever, food and nourishment, treading lightly, doing even the smallest thing for the planet might play a new chord of optimism. We can do something, however small, it’s within our gift, influence and agency.

Ok, so we’re just growing and selling meat and eggs, hedgerows and trees, sheepskins and wool, but this is important.

Our way of farming is good for the soil. That’s good for the ecology of the land, our animals and all the insects and mammals who live with us.

What we do goes into every gram of our food.

It is good for you and the precious world in which we live.

We have one life. We have one farm. You have many choices.

By supporting us you are doing something magnificent for you, a small farm and the planet. Not everyone can claim that glory!

And remember, a butterfly flaps its wings in Tokyo and a tornado occurs in Tennessee.

A small change can make much bigger changes happen.

Especially in times of and tumultuous unpredictability.

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