New Life On The Farm

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At 2am on Friday morning, Summer Rose Emerald arrived. It’s Mum Rose’s last calving before she settles down to retirement, having just turned 17. This is a great age for a cow with calf and if I could go back in time, I’d ensure she didn’t run with the bull. But, I learn things all the time on the farm and now I won’t make the same mistake again. Maybe her age or maybe not, she had a prolapse on Monday. Vet was called and stitched everything into place. My first ‘arm in cow’ experience too.

From that moment on, we watched her day and night because as soon as calf showed, the stitch had to be snipped for a successful delivery.

On Thursday night, I noticed she was looking close to calving and all the young stock clustered around me and her, as if to tell me something.

I set my alarm for 2am and out I went into the drizzle. Rose was lying down and calf was visible. She kindly got up and let me snip the stitch. I gave the calf’s wee front feet a gentle tug, and out she came! Her tongue was out, you can see this in the photo and I was worried maybe she wasn’t OK.

But calves are tough and she was soon cleaned by Mum, the wonderful Mum cow noises emitted and all the stock once again crowded around me, Rose and the calf. I felt as if I was one of them, a magical moment.

And within hours, Emerald was skipping about, shiny and glossy. A very satisfying day for me and I felt Margaret’s presence joining us. How many calves had she delivered I wondered. How many will I?

New calf and two cows
Emerald The New Calf with her cousin Daffodil and Mum Summer Rose

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