Hay Making: The Perfect Work Out

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When hay making time comes around, it’s both wonderful and tough at the same time. It’s always hot, we need the dry weather to make sure the grass has time to be turned, dried and then baled. This year it was a mere 32C!

Anna turned the hay several times before the grass was rowed up and bailed. Our friends let us make hay on their field, taking these great pics.

Friends make it easier. So do ropes.

This field is just the start of the season for us, a short warm up hauling 150 bales only. With friends to help, it soon gets done. And as all our cattle and sheep are pasture-fed, they need as much good quality hay in the winter as we can get. Onwards to limber up for next week when we aim to do the next batch, more like a thousand bales. Gulp.

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