Moving to pastures new

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After 4 years of farming Tan House Farm, and after looking into the potential of planning permission, we’ve decided it’s time to move to a new farm with a house. Later this year, we’re going to move to Pembrokeshire and take up the reins of a small coastal pastureland farm.

One of the joys of farming is to be able to look back and enjoy your work, but right now, we miss out on this for almost half the 24 hours in a day. And there have been times when had we been on site, we might have spotted something going wrong sooner. Much our farming is about observation, closely looking at what’s changing and what’s staying the same. Being able to stroll around our land at any time and check on our animals, pasture, hedgerows and soil, is now central to all we want to achieve.

We want to find someone to buy our farm who wants to farm the same way as ourselves. We rent more land and can connect the buyer to that opportunity too. We have a successful egg business, all possible to take over. The barns are there, mains water, solar electricity and easy road access. The diversity is growing and growing each year and the woodland is a small piece of paradise.

If you’re interested, mail us Take a look at the farm’s brochure here.

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