Young Lives on the Farm

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I seem to have inherited many boxes of ‘stuff’ from my own parents, from myself and most of all, from Margaret whose farm this was and who gave it to me when she died. As part of our impending move, I have been sorting out box after box.

Anyway, Margaret threw away nothing, not a thing, and she’d kept items belonging to her mother and father, photographs going back to the late 19th Century and various items recording their lives.

I found this label on a wooden box of Margaret’s and realised it was written as she set out on her journey as a farmer, leaving home for Wye College back in 1950 to study agriculture. I suspect not that many young women took this route but Margaret was clearly destined for a career involving Nature, albeit one that evolved and eventually landed where she’d started, farming with Nature and not against it.

Label from Margaret’s luggage

And then we had a recent visitor. Lewis is nearly 8 years old, lives in Spain and his Mum is a much-loved and longstanding friend – Best Woman to Anna at our wedding when Lewis was just 7 months old. During his visit to us, he loved collecting the eggs and checking the hens. Every young visitor we host loves this as one of their top farm jobs. It’s good to see him learning about food and hens with Anna. Fix food and we might fix the planet. I wish I’d thought of that slogan because it sums up why we’re doing this.

Lewis and Anna with the day’s eggs

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