My webinar for The Royal Agricultural University

It’s a strange feeling to speak at a webinar for this celebrated university on the topic of farming. Not long ago there I was interested in food, the land and how it all joined up. Then suddenly, or so it seems, I am speaking about my farm practice, what I’ve learned and how it might help others. Fill your boots!

A Calf is Dead

Our herd of Traditional Hereford cattle are complete with horns and beautiful chestnut coats with white underbellies and faces. It’s a suckler herd which means the calves and their mothers…

Young Lives on the Farm

I seem to have inherited many boxes of ‘stuff’ from my own parents, from myself and most of all, from Margaret whose farm this was and who gave it to…

Moving to pastures new

After 4 years of farming Tan House Farm, and after looking into the potential of planning permission, we’ve decided it’s time to move to a new farm with a house.…

Shooting The Summer Breeze

The hay is in, we’ve recovered and we’re looking forward to a few weeks of less haste and even less speed